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New Apple In-Ear Headphones fully compatible with Unibody MacBooks

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Today as a birthday present I got a pair of the new Apple In-Ear Headphones, and I’m very pleased with the sound quality of these little white things. When I got home it came to my mind to try them with my Unibody MacBook Pro, it would be fun if it can control iTunes and the system! And for my surprise it could! Everything works on the remote! Volume control, microphone, play/pause, previous/next, everything!

In-Ear fülhallgató szereti a Unibody Macbook Pro-t

Photo: ©Apple.

I’m sorry a bit that it is only partially compatible with my iPhone: The microphone and the center button works, and with those I can play/pause a song (1 click), skip to the next song (2 clicks) and hop back to the previous song (3 clicks). Also I can pick up a call with the button, or reject it. But in this new model there are also two volume buttons which are supposed to adjust the volume, surprisingly 🙂 The problem is that only the 4th generation iPod nano and the 2nd gen. iPod touch and the 120GB model of the iPod classic supports these two buttons. I hope Apple will solve this issue, and I think this is just a question of software because the old and this new model has the same four pin jack connector. So it is not a hardware issue, maybe the v2.3 iPhone software will support the volume functions.