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iPhone HD has arrived

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iPhone HDAfter repairing quite a lot iPhones I thought I would just play around a bit with my spare parts and thought I should make a bit differend, modded iPhone. Here is the main idea:

I use my iPhone all day, checking mails, browsing the web and of course I talk a lot. I wanted a bit more battery capacity. It is clear that there is no more space in the iPhone for an extra battery, but what about the outside?

So after measuring and playing around a bit I created the first prototype of iPhone HD (Heavy Duty not High Definition 😉 ) I used an extra aluminium back of an other iPhone and the black antenna cover to hide the two extra batteries. I drilled a hole in the original housing so I could put through the battery cables to the motherboard. Then I glued down the batteries to the back of the iPhone and on them I glued the new cover. There remained a small space unused – next time I will build in an iPod logic board as an extra pendrive 🙂

Let’s see the achivements:

  • The iPhone is almost as big az a half brick 🙂 Instead of 11mm it is now 19mm thick
  • Weighs not only 140 gramms but 214 gramms
  • After one day light usage the battery percentage shows 96% instead of 60-70%
  • Charging consumes three times more time (and electricity of course 🙂 )
  • 4200 mAh battery capacity (Originally: 1400 mAh)

I will make some precise measurements about the battery performance!

UPDATE: After five days of heavy usage I have to recharge my batteries 🙂 I used my phone a lot, listened to radio, browsed the internet and made lots off calls. I think it is pretty cool to use my phone for five days without charging 🙂

Let me show some pictures of the making of the first iPhone HD!